Our Analysis Is Your Result

CLFINTOP Sdn. Bhd. is a leading financial consultancy in Malaysia that has been helping the local community on both personal and business levels, bringing a significant and positive impact to help Malaysians improve their financial standing and quality of life. The group aims to be Malaysian’s ideal one-stop financial management center with financial services ranging from debt management, portfolio management to loan & refinancing consultancy.


To provide human based service to help Malaysian to improve their financial condition and quality of life​

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To be Malaysian ideal one-stop services financial management company



Your One Stop Financial Management Consultancy

CL FINTOP has a powerful, professional team of Financial Consultants to help you with a range of financial services & consultancy.

” We advise on key issues such as the impact of Debt Management Consultancy, Accounting Services, Portfolio Management, Financial Education, Bank Loans Consultancy, as well as Mortgage Loan & Refinancing Consultancy. We use proven methodologies to design and execute business transformation backed by blueprint designs that are used as accelerators.

We have invested in building our financial analysis, focusing on the areas that we believe bring the most value to our clients, including data and analytics, technology transformation and cyber. “

Director of CLFintop


Take control over your business by deploying an all in one business data monitoring solution.

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