Debt Management Consultancy

Bank loans will be restructured to ensure affordable repayments .Our ‘Easy on Debt’ debt management system helps you lower interest rates and pay off your bank debts on affordable terms.

Portfolio Management

After resolving your debts, you will enter the ‘Personal Credit Rating Optimization’ stage (Portfolio Management) to help you optimize your personal credit rating and rating scores, and make full preparations so that you can borrow from banks at any time.

Bank Loans Consultancy

Once your personal or SME bank loan has been reinforced and optimized, our financial consultants will do the following two things based on your financial situation and insight on the purpose of your loan

Accounting Services

We will provide you with sound professional advice and assistance with regards to your bank loans, and do a good job of bank loan account management and all the necessary preparations, such as tax returns and other required documents. This is the most critical stage for a bank loan approval. Adequate documentation and compliance with bank approval criteria greatly increases the chance of securing a loan.

Financial Education

CL FINTOP has been carrying out educational activities on debt management and financial management for a long time. We invite financial experts from the banking industry to impart the knowledge and concepts of debt management and financial management. From these educational activities, you will learn the following valuable knowledge that will benefit you for life.

Mortgage Loan & Refinancing Consultancy

A lot of people make punctual, monthly repayments for their bank loans. You always have better alternatives to a loan, such as lower interest rates or shorter payback periods. As a matter of fact, we have a ready proven plan to help you save on mortgage interest. You only need to follow the plan to save up to 50% interest and, at the same time, shorten the payback period.

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